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WUSA9 Station Internships

Students must be a college junior, senior or graduate student and MUST receive academic credit for their internship. A letter confirming this academic credit, on school letterhead from an advisor, must be submitted before the student is allowed to start their internship. All internships are non-paid and non-technical in nature.

Spring Semester Schedule:
January - April
November 15th (resume deadline)

Summer Semester Schedule: May - August
March 15th (resume deadline)

Fall Semester Schedule:
September - December
August 9th (resume deadline)

To apply, there is no application to complete. Simply send a resume and cover letter indicating the department of interest to:

Contact Information:
Attn: Khalim Piankhi
4100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016


Sales Department Internships

Sales Department (1) Interns in this area will learn the inner workings of our sales department. Areas of emphasis may be any of the following: Research, Sales Systems, Presentation Preparation, New Business Development, Negotiation and Schedule Maintenance. Interns will learn from the appropriate person in each of these areas. In addition, interns will assist the staff with miscellaneous tasks as needed. Candidates for this internship should be interested in a career other than Journalism. They must be self-motivated, enthusiastic, flexible and eager to learn. A communications major is preferred with an emphasis in broadcasting. Computer skills are essential (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.). Strong writing skills are also helpful.

Research Intern

The research intern will assist Research Manager on projects from the Sales, News, Marketing, Digital and Programming Departments. Perform daily ratings analysis for station programs and sporting events and create one sheets as needed. Will work with Sales Account Executives on qualitative data for clients. Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Intern will be taught various research systems such as Nielsen, Scarborough, Omniture, ComScore and Kantar Media.

Online Department Internships

On-line Department (2) Interns will experience the content demands of a news website in Washington, DC, by learning how to add multimedia content including on-demand/live streaming video, graphics, widgets, and more. There will also be opportunity to learn how to provide news to social media networks, text messages, e-alerts, mobile platforms, vodcasts, and other new technologies as they develop. Interns will work with other news personnel including show producers and reporters to ensure content quality is received. A keen interest in the web is required. Web coding knowledge and experience with Adobe Photoshop, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and/or nonlinear editing is helpful.

News Department Internships

Newsroom/Assignment Desk (4): Interns will assist assignment desk editors, reporters and producers with story research and set-up. Qualified applicants will have the opportunity to go out into the field with reporters and producers and assist them on stories. Interns will also be given the opportunity to conduct interviews for stories and write for 9NEWS NOW's website. They will also be responsible for logging raw video from the field and assisting with our tape library. Applicants should be well versed in local, national and world events. They should also have strong computer and writing skills. They should also be self-starters.

Consumer Unit (2) Intern candidates must be self-starters, and have an interest in consumer issues that impact viewers on all multi-media platforms. The intern(s) will assist with research, logs, transcription, web production, and other facets of pre and post production for Living Smart's broadcast and online platforms.

Health Unit (2) Interns will help research and set up stories, conduct interviews and put together pieces for air. They will also be responsible for some content on the website. Applicants will have an interest in health, nutrition, fitness and general well-being both physically and emotionally. They will gain experience in all facets of segment production for a newscast, and web production, including posting stories, photos and images to the web; streaming and editing video; and updating and maintaining team website content.

Living Green (1): Qualified applicants will have an interest in environmental issues and stories, as well as an interest in learning all aspects of newsroom operations.They will also have the opportunity to research and set up stories, conduct the interviews and produce them for air. They will gain experience in all facets of segment production for a newscast, and web production, including posting stories, photos and images to the web; streaming and editing video; updating and maintaining team website content; directing and producing.

Weather Team (1): This internship will cover all facets of broadcast meteorology. Interns will learn how to operate: a weather graphics system, live Doppler radar including storm identification, storm tracking and street level mapping and a newsroom computer. Interns will also learn to read and analyze raw computer guidance and write a forecast from this data and how to produce and stack a show for on air use. Interns will also become familiar with non linear editing, web site updating and content building. Creating your own DVD on air weathercast is permitted. Requirements: currently studying and/or majoring in Atmospheric Sciences (grad or under grad). Rising juniors or seniors preferred. Work hours/schedule: Monday - Friday 3PM - 7PM (with some flexibility). This internship position requires a personal interview.

Sports Team (2): Interns will help coordinate and log video footage of sports highlights, as well as gain knowledge and experience in interviewing, field, live studio and post-production techniques, participating in field shoots at sports locations such as Redskin Park, the Verizon Center and Nationals Park, etc. Please, sports fanatics ONLY!

Media Outreach (2): Interns will gain television broadcast experience by working with JC Hayward and providing studio assistance to the WUSA 9 noon newscast. Interns will also help with station videotape projects, process requests from the public and official sources. Qualified applicants must be self-motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Strong organizational skills also recommended, as well as a positive, helpful and flexible attitude.

Marketing and Promotions Internships

Marketing Dept. (2) Interns in the marketing department for W*USA 9 will be an integral part of the strategy and facilitation that goes into promoting and marketing W*USA 9, 9 NEWS NOW & Work alongside executives and producers and become a part of the station's marketing effort. You will learn how important marketing is to a television station's success. Previous marketing interns have created research projects and assisted in edit sessions, among other exciting duties.

Graphics Dept. (1) Interns in the graphics department (within marketing) at W*USA 9 should be enrolled in an institutional graphics arts program and have a strong desire to work in a fast paced, media-related environment. Interns in this area will assist graphic designers in a myriad of graphics-related tasks, including preparation of basic newscast graphic elements, assist in graphics projects for marketing, news and web, and overall, get a true sense of what it's like in a broadcast graphics department.

In addition, interns will assist the staff with miscellaneous tasks, as needed. You must be self-motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Knowledge of standard graphics equipment, platforms and theory is essential. Computer skills are highly recommended (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) as is a positive, helpful and flexible attitude.

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